Softlite Chopstick 6ft 6 Softboard - Menthol/Ice Blue

  • Size: 6'6" X 20 5/8" X 3" (45L)
  • Core: 100% Waterproof Moulded EPS Core 
  • Deck: 10lb PE Deck
  • Slick: Xtra Duralinx Slick
  • Reinforcements: Double Moulded Stringer system
  • Features: Edge Trim System, Exoskeletal Strength Membrane, Leash Plug
  • Fins: Thruster Fin Set Up with Bones and Shanks Fin System. Soft fins included with every board.
  • Thickness: It's a touch thinner than most of our competitors - this ensures your board doesn't hold you back once you get more experienced and start ripping!
  • Rail Profiles: Due to our Moulded Core process, we have been able to refine our rails profiles, so they are nice and rounded, this helps you from nosediving and catching rails while riding.