Primitive x Tupac Moto deck - Black - 8.25

It was only a matter of time before skateboardings household name Paul Rodriguez, started his own company. Launching in 2008, Paul’s simple goal was to create a brand that would allow control and ownership of his own career. Since the humble days of 08’, Primitive has exceeded every expectation Paul had, and Primitive has solidified itself as one of the most progressive skate brands of the decade. 

Attention to detail, premium quality and perfectly shaped boards are only a few of Primitives features. This goes without mentioning their collaborations with iconic TV shows such as Rick And Morty, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Primitive sponsors some of the most technically advanced skateboarders in the world and with the likes of Wade Desarmo, JB Gillet, Franki Villani and Brian Peacock flying the flag, you know Primitive is something special.