POWELL PERALTA Tail Bone - White

Sweet OG goodness!

Based on the original classic 8" shape, Powell Peralta's classic Tail Bone is back to save all those OG's out there who have invested their hard earned in a sweet old school ride and don't see the sense in destroying and chopping out the tail when busting out all those old school moves. If you want that period-correct ride with all the bells and whistles, then a tail bone is a must. Add some rails and your board will be bullet proof, and last longer than you do.

Comes with 3 x #8 machine screws* so you can bang it in tight. The drilled holes in the Tail Bone are sized as pilot holes - just big enough to allow the screw to go in, but small enough to give good grip on the threads. The tailbone is designed for the deck to be drilled ride through bring the screw in from the top of the deck so they get a good grip on the tail bone.

*These are not Powell 'Rat Nuts' (ie. 'sex bolts'), so you have to make sure you only drill pilot holes. Instructions are includes in the pack.