NITRO T1 snowboard 2024 - 152

Over 20 years of admiration and respect from freestyle snowboarders worldwide, this undisputed reigning park champion has won more awards than most because of its ability to improve park riders‘ progression and the overall park lap experience. The T1 is built on the philosophy that by working together, we can continue to make the best park board - built for all the park riders out there who never stop progressing, never stop pushing, and don‘t stop until the lights turn off.

Shape by
  • Tommy Delago
Flex: 7/10

Riding Terrain
  • Backcountry 6/10
  • All Mountain 8/10
  • Park 10/10
  • Twin shape
  • Standard and wide width
  • Radial sidecut
  • Cam-out camber
Powercore II
  • Whiplash core profile
  • Ureshred sidewalls
  • Bi-lite laminates
  • Railkiller edge
  • Sintered speed formula hd base

Riding Skill Level
  • Beginner
  • Advanced
Riding Style
  • Park
Graphics by
  • Fabian Fuchs FFF