Leki Carbon 14 3D Ski Pole - Black/Dark Anthracite/Bright Red

The lightweight Carbon 14 3D is made of 100% carbon. This makes the pole extremely light and at the same time offers you perfect swing behavior on the slopes. The ski pole is equipped with the new Trigger 3D slalom grip. The new Trigger 3D system offers more control through a direct connection between the glove and the pole, improved ease of use through quick clicks in and out, and greater safety reserves through an intelligent three-dimensional trigger that expands the trigger range fourfold.

  • Activities: Alpine skiing
  • Age group: Adult
  • Size run: 110 - 135 cm (5 cm increments)
  • Construction: Fixed length
  • Weight: 223g
  • Segments diameter: 14mm
  • Handle - strap/glove system: Trigger system
  • Pipe geometry: No bend
  • Tube shape: Cylindrical
  • Handle: Trigger 3D SL
  • Handle adapter: Trigger 3D Cap
  • Loop: Trigger frame strap mesh
  • Tube Material: Carbon (PRC 1000)