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Land & Sea Clearwater Mirror Set - Black

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Land and Sea developed the Clearwater Black Mirror as an affordable but significant step up in quality from the entry-level Clearwater mask and snorkel. This mask and snorkel is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that will greatly enhance your underwater vision.

Black silicone skirts seal the lenses tightly while also eliminating peripheral refracted light. The result of this feature is that your pupils will enlarge and draw in more light and enable you to see even better in low-light conditions underwater.

The mirror lens then further improves the clarity of your visual experience and will introduce you to a world of colours, textures, and details you would never have seen otherwise.

What completes this outstanding mask and snorkel set is the dry tip and purge valve. These two features work in conjunction to prevent water from inhibiting your breathing. The dry tip works as the first line of defence to keep water out, whereas the purge valve will force out any water that does enter. These are crucial features for any quality snorkel.


  • Dry-tip snorkel
  • Mirror lens
  • Purge valve in snorkel
  • Silicone mask


  • Enhance your underwater vision with a mask that features a silicone skirt capable of eliminating peripheral refracted light.
  • Your field of vision will be further assisted by the presence of a mirror lens that will display visuals with remarkable clarity.
  • Most water will be prevented from entering the snorkel by the dry tip.
  • A purge valve flushes out any water that does bypass the first line of protection on the snorkel.

Invest a little extra in your mask and snorkel set and you will be rewarded with the outstanding Clearwater Black Mirror. See clearly amid the murky depths and make new discoveries. Order now from the Fishing Tackle Shop.