Billabong 302 Synergy Back Zip Full Wetsuit Womens - River

Billabong Women's 302 Synergy Back Zip GBS Steamer Wetsuit is a top-tier performance surfing suit that boasts sealed seams, back zip and their premium neoprenes for 2021.  We love that the external jersey is made with up-cycled car tyres.

The core foam (the rubber bit) touts 300% elongation without deformation, one of the highest factors in the wetsuit game.  This is limited only by the internal Furnace Carbon lining, which is about 250% and although it has a minor effect on the stretch, the lining itself is said to increase the overall warmth. This warmth comes from small bubbles being held in the lining itself, all the while it's channeling water out of the suit thanks to its hydrophobicity. 

Billabong Women's 302 Synergy Back Zip GBS Steamer Wetsuit is suitable for winter across most of Australia's east coast and can even easily handle Victorian conditions, but we dare say would require gloves, boot, and hood

To get the most out of your Billabong Women's 302 Synergy Back Zip GBS Steamer Wetsuit we recommend washing it with Wetsuit Wash & reading our maintenance guide

Billabong Women's 302 Synergy Back Zip GBS Steamer Wetsuit Features:

  • Smart Foam: What Smart Foam provides is 300% elongation, so 1m can stretch to 3m without permanent deformation. Mondo stretch!! The inner layer of a neoprene sandwich is a closed-cell foam, unlike a sponge, which is open cell foam (you won't find that in any wetsuit, as much as some new-wave competitors falsely suggest).   Learn more about neoprene.
  • Hidden GBS internal back zip: new semi dry zip with internal gusset/membrane stops water. Learn more on our blog.
  • Graphene + Lining: Billabong's premium internal lining is laid around your core made from carbon graphene, featured all the way up to their $600+ wetsuits. Furnace lining is hydrophobic and is stitched in a way that creates countless air-bubbles in the lining, in-turn improving on thermal retention! It dries quickly too.
  • Power-Seam welded Seams: the high-strain seams, such as your shoulders/elbows, are reinforced with a taped seam to ensure greater seal for longer. Best bit is that if the tape starts lifting you can just slap some wetsuit glue there and away ya go. 
  • Tape Reinforcing: As we mentioned above, seams don't stretch as much as neoprene, therefore the most amount of strain is always applied to the seam. By adhering a synthetic 'tape' the seam on the Billabong Mens Revolution Springsuit can divert the strain off the seam and onto the tape. Learn more about seams
  • Strategic Seam Placement: Billabong have minimised the total number of seams on the Furnace Carbon Ultra which in-turn creates a more flexible suit. The same notion as the uninterrupted torso panels!