ARBOR Element Camber snowboard 2024 - 153

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The board that launched the Arbor brand.

The Element was an impressive ATV from its inception, and Arbor's flagship snowboard maintains its rank as the most versatile top to bottom mountain twin in their line. Conquer all terrain with confidence on this year's Element. Arbor's System Camber will provide added stability and pop for a more aggressive ride. 

Performance Features

System Camber

A highly responsive ride, crisp on-edge performance, and more pop for carving and ollies. Effortless true-camber performance across all types of snow and during turns, spins and landings.

Grip Tech
Grip Tech creates added heel and toe contact points that dramatically improve edge control on snow and ice. The design creates a more ergonomic and direct connection to the snow for substantially improved handling and response time. The added contact points make it possible for Arbor to offer Rocker designs that hold an amazing edge, and Camber designs that provide cleaner edge performance.
Fender Tech

The edge control created by Arbor's System platform allows Arbor to add Fenders that slightly lift a board's leading edge off the snow. This dramatically improves turning, spins, float, and tracking on cambered snowboards. 

Terrain Guide Rating:

  • Powder: 3
  • Big Mountain: 3
  • Resort: 5
  • Park/Street: 3

Flex Meter: 

  • Soft-Stiff: 5/10

Build Features

Hand Dyed Ash Powerply - Sustainably harvested, the majority coming from borer-kill trees, off-white to light brown, the canvas for Arbor's hand-dyed designs. 

Powerply Topsheet Technology - Arbor's wood and bamboo topsheets. Built with natural fiber drives the performance, aesthetic and ethos that Arbor is known for. Several steps are taken to get a Powerply onto their snowboards responsibly, and in a way that ensures durability and lasting quality. 

Highland II Core - A newly developed screening process has allowed Arbor to hand select the very lightest and highest quality paulownia from their sourcing partners. The result is a lighter, more responsive version of Arbor's Highland Core, known for highly reliable return and long-lasting durability.

3° Fenders on System Camber - Versatile, all-mountain performance.

Sintered Base - A higher molecular weight, sintered base that provides added durability and speed. 

Zero Waste Base - All of Arbor's die-cut bases feature their Zero Waste Base technology and come in interchangeable 2 colourways. This process is essential to reducing their carbon footprint and eliminating waste during the manufacturing process. 

Mixed Glassing -  A triax over biax lay-up that's best for versatility: powder, backcountry, groomers, jumps, and more. 

Bio-Resin - Arbor maximize the use of plant-based resins, which are more sustainable to produce, and deliver a significantly smaller carbon footprint. 

Recycled Steel Edges - Arbor's highly durable, recycled steel edges embody two of Arbor's key values, quality and sustainability. 

360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls - A 360-degree, fully wrapped sidewall that eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability. 

Factory Tuned - Arbor detune the tip and tail contact points on all of their snowboards for a catch-free ride before they leave the factory. 

Wend Natural Wax - All Arbor snowboards hit the shop floor ready to ride with Wend Natural Wax.

Manufactured with 100% Solar Energy - Produced using 100% solar power, in a closed system that captures, filters, and reuses all water, and ensure all wood bi-product is fully upcycled. 

3-Year Warranty - Arbor stand behind the quality and construction of every Arbor snowboard with an extended 3-Year Warranty.