ANON M5S Low Bridge goggles - Mars w/ Sunny Red

Anon's M5S Goggles feature the same high-end performance and modern aesthetic of the M5 Goggles in a frame scaled for smaller-size faces. They offer a precise, comfortable helmet-to-goggle fit with the wide field of view and enhanced peripheral vision of a flat toric lens. The Low Bridge Fit features enhanced face foam that tapers to be 5-7mm thicker at the nose for a gapless fit for flatter/smaller noses. 

Anon's innovative Magna-Tech® quick lens-change technology uses a powerful magnetic interface that allows you to swap lenses with ease. Perceive optics provide high-contrast, terrain defining clarity with our best anti-fog treatment for crystal clear vision through a wide range of conditions. Magnetic Face Mask Integration (MFI®) provides seamless face mask attachment, and full-perimeter vents maintain consistent airflow for fog-free clarity. MFI facemask included, plus a microfibre goggle bag and bonus lens.


ANON M5S goggles - Low Bridge - Mars w/ Perceive Sunny Red (14% VLT) + PERCEIVE Cloudy Burst (59% VLT) + MFI FACEMASK


  • Low-Bridge - Low-bridge fit goggles have additional face foam in the nose pocket to sit closer to the face and fit snug for a gap-free fit on faces with a lower nose bridge. 
  • Unisex Design - Unisex frame has a modern aesthetic designed to fit smaller size faces. Bonus lens included.
  • Magna-Tech - Magna-Tech® quick lens-change technology uses a magnetic interface for a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal that makes for easy lens changes and unsurpassed lens retention.
  • Perceive Lens Technology - Perceive lens provides high-contrast vision and terrain defining clarity in just about any light condition; A hydrophobic and oleophobic coating provides unmatched smudge, scratch, and moisture resistance on the outer lens surface for clear optics and easy cleaning.
  • Flat Toric Lens, Anti-Fog - The Flat Toric Lens combines best properties of cylindrical and toric lens shapes for enhanced clarity, maximum peripheral vision, and a clean look; Integral Clarity Technology Anti-Fog exceeds basic anti-fog treatment standards, delivering crystal-clear vision that lasts for an extended period of time.
  • MFI® Compatible - MFI® technology (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) uses magnetic connection to quickly seal your face mask to your goggles without obstructing ventilation for a gapless setup that seals out the elements.


  • Magnetic Facemask Integration
  • Magna-Tech®
  • Bonus Lens Included
  • Anon Flat Toric Lens Technology



    • Perceive Sunny Onyx: 6% VLT - Bright Sun
    • Perceive Polarised Onyx: 8% VLT - Bright Sun
    • Perceive Sunny Red: 14% VLT - Bright Sun, Few Clouds
    • Perceive Sunny Bronze: 17% VLT - Bright Sun, Few Clouds
    • Perceive Variable Blue: 21% VLT - All-round, Sun and Clouds
    • Perceive Variable Green: 22% VLT - All-round, Sun and Clouds
    • Perceive Variable Violet: 34% VLT - All-round, Sun and Clouds
    • Perceive Cloudy Pink: 53% VLT - Overcast, Whiteout and Night
    • Perceive Cloudy Burst: 59% VLT - Overcast, Whiteout and Night
    • Perceive Cloudy Night: 72% VLT - Overcast, Whiteout and Night