Adrenaline Super Flex 1.5 Nudie Steamer Mens - Black

Adrenalin Superflex 1.5mm Nudie Steamer is a lightweight wetsuit that provides thermal protection yet feels like freedom thanks to Adrenalin's superstretch neoprene.  We find the 1.5mm Nudie wetsuits to be ideal for surfing, swimming, sailing, supping, jet-skiing and more, it's a versatile piece that is for sure. The 1.5mm thickness is uncommon in today's wetsuit world and fills a gap of wetsuits appropriate to warm climates.  That may sound like a contradiction but under the right (wrong) conditions, hypothermia can occur in warm water, even up to 34°C!

If you're planning to be directly exposed to water of any temperature it's worth considering a thermally retentive garment such as the Adrenalin Superflex 1.5mm Nudie Steamer.