Size Guide

We're woking on this as we speak.

For now here's a few tips to get the right size and fit instructions.

Best place often is to check size intructions from the brand's website of the item you are considering buying. If that doesn't help then give us a quick phone call 02 9669 6006 or 02 9387 5994.

Our footwear is all in USA sizing unless stated otherwise. This is for all shoes, snowboard boots, Reefs and Sanuks.

For helmets the best place to measure the head is just above your eyebrows and around to the top of the ears. Wrap a soft tape measure around there and when the 2 ends meet - thats your size.

Apres Boots are all in Euro sizing. Google your size and compare it to your USA size to get the correct one.

Hope that helps and we'll have something up here shortly. In the meantime dont be afraid to give us a quick call.