UNION Force bindings 2024 - Black

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RESPONSE RATING: Medium-Stiff 7/10

S9 Duraflex ST Baseplate
Built with a purpose. The Stage 9 Duraflex ST Baseplate offers Union’s highest levels of strength and energy transmission to date. Backed by Union’s lifetime warranty guarantee.

Molecular Bushing System
Union’s all new Molecular Bushing Suspension System acts as an additional layer of dampening and shock absorption between you and your snowboard.

S19 Duraflex ST Highback
Layered highback construction allows riders to achieve stronger edge to edge response while still maintaining tortional flexibility for a comfortable ride.

ExoFrame 6.0 Ankle Strap
Padded comfort meets response. The all-new Exoframe 6.0 Ankle Strap features our new Molecular Ankle Strap Padding all the way over the edge of the plastic Exoframe strap body. This new design helps to minimize foot and ankle fatigue by reducing pressure points.

TS 5.0 Toe Strap
Union's newest and most comfortable toe strap to date. The TS 5.0 Toe Strap easily shapes to any snowboard boot and offers maximum grip from all angles.


  • Ratchet: Magnesium S2 w/ Steel Base
  • FLAD: Tool-Less
  • Hardware: Grade 8.8 Steel w/ Astro Washer Ankle
  • Strap Adjustment: Tool-Less Screws
  • Canting: Yes