Venture Low Light Polished 139 (5.25) Truck

Get off the ground in style on the Venture Low Light Polished 5.25 trucks. Boasting some of the sharpest turns on the market, these trucks are super flexible. With a polished raw finish and the Venture V hanger mould, they have an old school feel. Also, they have hollow kingpins that keep them super light for grabbing air.

  • Axle: 8″
  • Height: 5.5cm
  • Hanger: 5.25″ (Equivalent to Indy 139)
  • Type: Hi
  • Bushings: Green
  • Colour: Raw Unpolished
  • Suits Decks: 8″ – 8.5″
  • Forged Baseplate
  • Hollow Kingpins