Union Atlas FC Mens Bindings 2022 - Forged

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The 2022 Union Atlas FC Binding is the Lamborghini of bindings (not even joking, the technology used to make the Forged Carbon pieces is the same Lamborghini uses in their supercars!).

When you desire a binding that is lighter and more responsive than even the best on the market, the Atlas FC has you covered. Its super stiff Forged Carbon highback gives immediate response when you are charging at your absolute hardest and the updated Exoframe 5.0 ankle strap, TS 4.0+ toe strap and ratchets will keep you locked in and feeling like you can take on anything the mountain can throw at you.


  • Binding Type: All Mountain / Freeride
  • Flex: 10/10 (Stiff!)
  • Board Compatibility: Camber Disk + Washer, compatible with all 4x4, 4x2 and Channel insert systems.
  • Baseplate: Stage 7 Duraflex CB
    The all new Stage VII Duraflex CB baseplate was engineered to be the strongest baseplate Union has ever created. Featuring ultra-responsive Duraflex CB Nylon, this baseplate is lightweight and near-indestructible, perfect for Unions most aggressive and punishing riders.
  • Highback: Atlas Forged Carbon
    When you require the best technology and materials used for increased stiffness and strength while keeping the weight down, look no farther than Forged Carbon technology. This ultra-strong and light highback has 2x the amount of strength-to-weight ratio when compared to other injected plastic highbacks and is 40% lighter on top of that.
  • Buckles: Magnesium S1 with Aluminium Base
    Designed for those who ride hard 100+ days a year and absolutely put their bindings to the test, these new Magnesium S1 ratchets are the solution. Fully integrated springs are protected from the harsh weather that can affect the lifespan of your ratchet.
  • Straps: Exoframe 5.0 Ankle Strap + TS 4.0+ Toe Strap
    The Exoframe 5.0 strap uses newly designed tri-axial flex patters to perfectly fit your boot and provide instant response and power directly into your binding without extra, unwanted weight. Find the perfect fit with the tool-less adjustment and worry less about ill fitting straps. The TS 4.0+ toe strap is simple, lightweight, and durable that has a shorter buckle base to remove pesky pressure points. Its so comfy and responsive, you wont even realise it's there.
  • Cushioning: Vaporlite HD Bushings
    The Vaporlite bushing system sets a new standard for how a snowboard binding should function and perform. These bushings use an injection moulding process (similar to the way plastic parts are created) making them more waterproof, durable, and precise than any other EVA material on the market. This is next level binding tech that absorbs chatter like no other while maintaining the natural flex of your board, and the new High Density version increases stiffness and response while still maintaining the same dampening characteristics.

Additional Features
  • Extruded 3D Aluminium Heelcups: This heelcup increased the stiffness of the binding, increases response, and is adjustable to help you dial in the perfect fit.
  • Classic Forward Lean Adjuster: No tools needed for this one, just flick the tab down and slide the panel for more response or a looser feeling ride on the fly.
  • Grade 8.8 Hardware: Union ensure their hardware is reliable by using the strongest steel available on the market.
  • Tool-less strap adjust: Whether you're letting a friend borrow your bindings or you just need to fine tune your fit, you can adjust your straps on the fly without the need for tools.
  • Canting: The footbed of this binding is angled to better align your joints and provide a more natural feeling, less fatiguing ride.