Capita Mercury Snowboard Mens 2022 - 155

The 2022 Capita Mercury, simply put, fast, fun, aggressive and packed full of high-performance greatness. Only relatively new as a board, the 2022 Capita Mercury will never let go of an edge unless you tell it to. The board is so easy to ride as long as you like to bomb it down runs. The 2022 Capita Mercury just loves to go fast. The 2022 Capita Mercury is the epitome of what a directional high performance board should feel like under foot. To call the 2022 Capita Mercury stable would not be doing this plank of greatness any kind of justice. A few of us in the snowboard room rode this on a demo day and it was by far the best surprise we have had from a snowboard in a long time. Grab the 2022 Capita Mercury if you're looking to step up. We promise it won't disappoint.