Spy Marauder - Matte White - HD Plus Bronze w/ Red Spectra Mirror + HD Plus LL Yellow w/ Green Spectra Mirror

No time for mutiny with Marauder™. Incredible components, maximum ventilation and SPY's ultra safe Deadbolt™ disc change system have been combined to ensure you're always in control, and the two HD+ premium discs ensure you're always in control.

  • RISE™ Ventilation: permanent ventilation through the Venturi effect
  • Deadbolt™ System: Magnetism and snap-in function ensure easy disc replacement
  • Happy Definition (HD+): Increases attention with enhanced colours and contrast with 100% UV protection
  • Frame
  • Three-layer Isotron® foam
  • Dri-Force™ Fleece coating
  • Rise™ Ventilation
  • Siliconized tape
  • Over-The-Glasses
  • Medium / Large Fit
  • Disc (HD+ Bronze w/ Red Spectra™)
  • Filter category S3, 14% VLT
  • Colour and contrast enhancing
  • Cylindrical SIC™ double disc
  • anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Exchangeable disc (HD+ Low Light Yellow w/ Green Spectra™)
  • Filter category S1, 53% VLT
  • Colour and contrast enhancing
  • Cylindrical SIC™ Double disc
  • anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-fog coatin