Smith Prophecy OTG Goggles - Black/Chromapop Everyday Green Mirror

The Smith Prophecy fits as a medium/large size and is designed to go over a pair of glasses. For ease in estimating your size, this will fit a man or woman who wears a medium helmet or a man in a large helmet wearing narrower framed glasses. There are skiers who don't need the full on support of the Turbo series, with their two speed fans, to keep their goggles clear. For example, if you generally don't ski in wet conditions you might not experience the fogging of those who do. If you aren't someone who overheats with exertion, likewise, a goggle that fits comfortably over your glasses may give you plenty of comfortable protection from winter weather. If you're not interested in the additional technology of a fan built into your goggles, and only occasionally experience fogging, we can often fix that problem with a fog polishing cloth for your glasses, which deposits a thin anti fog to your glasses lenses. The Prophesy OTG is a google for the recreational skier who needs very much to see, but not necessary the additional technology to ski under particularly challenging conditions.

  • Patented regulator adjustable lens ventilation
  • Cylindrical carbonic-x
  • Fog-X anti-fog Inner lens
  • TLT lens technology for crystal clear vision
  • Medium/Large fit
  • QuickFit strap adjustment system
  • Clip buckle
  • 2-layer DriWix face foam
  • Helmet compatible
  • ODS3 & eyeglass compatible
  • Floating foam membrane eliminates eyeglass temple pressure
  • Ultra-wide, silicone backed strap
  • Articulating outrigger positioning system
  • Includes microfiber goggle bag