Rome Katana Binding 2020 - Mens - Acid Fade

The 2020 Rome Katana snowboard binding takes Romes's best technology & features available to create a binding that has revolutionised binding design & performance. During 2016 the Katana was awarded a Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick due to its versatility in killing it in any conditions, regardless of riding styles whilst maintaining light-weight comfort.

The Katana is the most customizable binding in the Rome line & uses a unique Asymwrap heel loop which weighs substantially less, whilst offering a new level of response and board feel. The Asymwrap raises the opposite corners of your bindings just a few millimetres off the flat base allowing your board to flex more naturally and increase your toe to heel response, so all the effort you put in to your turns is transferred directly to your board's edges.

A new highback for 2019 redefines the Katana's flex profile. Rome's Asym FlexChannel Highback, made from powerful glass-filled nylon, features a single diagonal flex slot. The result is heelside response that has support where you need it and has flexibility on the inside top corners for enhanced tweak and smooth flow.

Rome's Pivotmount strap mounting system allows you to position the UltraLight ankle strap in different positions to find the perfect fit for your boots & the level of performance to meet your riding style. Ride it lower over your boot for maximum flexibility, move it up higher for increased toeside response, or keep it in the middle for a traditional feel.

The UltraLight strap uses a superlight 3D pad that locks together with a supportive midsection piece. This means as you tighten the two straps, they engage and conform to your boots shape giving incredible control without having to crank down your strap. This combined with the new AuxGrip 2.0 Toe straps - the most advanced toe straps on the market. Using a single piece, injected design, paired with a unique auxetic pattern that stretches and conforms to pressure, these straps are
more durable and provide better grip no matter the boot.

The Katana features Rome's D3O V-Rod SubBase Pad for an extra smooth and comfortable ride. D3O offers incredible impact protection and is used in body armour thanks to its unique properties that allow it to absorb up 30% more energy than conventional padding, resulting in a super smooth chatter free binding that can absorb even the biggest landings with this incredible impact protection material.

The Katana features and industry leading 1.56% of baseplate contact with the V-Rod Ultralight base plate. This minimises contact between you binding and your board and provides edge to edge power with a freestyle flex from strategical thickness differences in under foot foam.

Canted footbeds also help to relieve pressure off of your knees and allow a better contact with the board, plus Rome use a D30 Heel insert in the footbed to improve impact absorption and to reduce harsh bumps and chatter.

The Katana is a huge Rome team favourite & the binding of choice for riders around the globe that look for tweakable, light-weight performance in any situation.