Rip Curl Saltwater L/SL UV Surfsuit Rashie - Womens - Lilac

Part of Rip Curl's Salt Water Culture range, their Lycra Spring Suit is a high-quality surf product designed to offer a breathable, eco-friendly product with loads of style. This style of lycra springie is perfect for either just a beach swim or a surf. The back zip and pull cord make getting in and out of the springie an easy task, and long sleeves provide great UV protection so you can stay out in the sun longer.

Of course, it's hard to miss the bright colour scheme, but the real focus of this springie is its construction from Econyl Regenerated Nylon derived from fishing nets and other nylon waste which would otherwise act as a nuisance pollutant. It also uses organic hemp and cottons so you know the product you're getting has minimal impacts on the environment. Buying a product such as this is an easy way to support the transition towards the use of sustainable materials, and although it's not eliminating all environmental impacts, it's a lot closer than the materials before it.

To get the most out of your spring suit we recommend washing it with Aussie made Wetsuit Wash between uses to remove sweat, salt, bacteria and chlorine and to follow steps outlaid in our Wetsuit Maintenance Blog

  • Sustainable Materials - Using a combination of Econyl Reconstructed Nylon from discarded fishing nets and nylon waste, as well as organic hemp and cotton, this wetsuit is a step in the direction of sustainability, helping the surf industry to reduce its impacts on the ocean it depends upon.
  • Striking Colour Scheme - High contrasting colours with leaf and animal elements make the design of this Lycra Spring Suit stand out from the rest.
  • Back Zip Entry - To make getting in and out of your springie as easy as possible, especially when wet and the material becomes a bit stickier.
  • Cheeky Bikini Cut Leg - Encourages a more free range of motion for more comfort in the water, and looks great (and a little bit cheeky).