Ocean & Earth Triple Coffin Shortboard/Fish Board Cover - Black Red

Want to keep your boards safe? The Triple Coffin Shortboard Board Cover by Ocean & Earth has the thickest rail, nose and tail protection on the market! Our surfboard covers are built to withstand all kinds of travel circumstances.

  • Fits: 1-4 Boards
  • Weight: 4.2 to 5.1kgs
  • Width: 23*
  • Depth: 180mm/7"
  • Three Layers Of Protection - Top Layer: Armour Weave Polyester. 2nd Layer: 10mm shock-absorbing foam. 3rd (inside) Layer: Tarpee lining.
  • Extra protection In High Impact Areas - XP extra protection 25mm padded nose, rails and tail.
  • Double Thick Gusset Padding - Extra tough 20mm shock absorbing foam. The thickest rail protection on the market.
  • Skid Plate - Reinforced fabric skid plate to protect board tails/rails.
  • Extra Comfy Shoulder Strap - 20mm padded detachable strap. Stashes into pocket.
  • Protective Bottom Side Nose Piece - Extra tough armour weave polyester.
  • Hanging Hook - Patented, removable hanging hook.
  • Heavy Duty Zippers - Large, lockable zipper heads. Extra security for your boards.