Ocean and Earth

Ocean and Earth Mark Richards Ezi-Rider Soft Twin 7ft - Blue

Ocean & Earth's MR Ezi-Rider Twin Fin Soft surfboard is one of the coolest boards we've seen in this construction and is definitely a board for having fun in small average conditions.

The board is based on the classic Mark Richards twinny which has seen many reincanations, its a shpe that works well in a great range of conditions. The outline and profile is all about catching heaps of waves. The curvy shape puts volume under your chest and the rocker helps the board catch waves early and with ease.

This Softboard with EPS triple-stringer core, 1mm HDPE bottom plate, and water-resistant cross-linked PE deck skin is top quality. the extra stiffness gives you all the speed you need to get the moving from rail to rail and having fun.

These foam surfboard boards are built to last, so consider your Ocean & Earth MR Ezi-Rider as a long term investment!

The interchangeable fin box is compatible with most major fin brands and allows quick and easy fin changing, the fins are secured with grub screws and comes with a fin key. To help protect against delamination, all soft boards are tested in a heat-induced environment at 70°C for two hours. The IXL EBS Deck Skin is a Cross-linked IXL PE skin with WBS (Water Barrier Skin). Highly water-resistant and extremely durable. Excellent grip and impact resistant, all in all a high spec, high tech soft surfboard.

  • Name: Ocean & Earth MR Ezi Rider Soft 6ft 0 Surfboard
  • Ability: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Conditions: Anything from knee to head high waves
  • Construction: Softop/Micro Veneer/EVA deck
  • Fin System: Twin Tab Fin FCS compatible
  • Fins Included: Soft Twin Fin Set