Marker Duke PT 12 Binding 100mm 2021 - Black Red

One of the great innovations of this year in the field of free hiking. In line with the hybrid bindings initiated by Marker with the Kingpin in 2014, other brands have followed suit like Fritschi with the Tecton and Salomon with the Shift.

The main innovation of the Marker Duke PT resides in the removable front stop which makes it possible to go up in PIN mode with the inserts, then for the descent we must add a hood of approximately 250g which has fins similar to an alpine fixation, and therefore equivalent security. These 250 g less on the climb make it the lightest binding in its class.

The Duke PT's multifunctional "Lock & Walk" brake is another highlight in terms of functionality, a brake lock is added to its classic braking function, as well as a 10 ° climbing wedge that operates using the stick. The Hollow Linkage heel, weighing 200 grams less, is fitted to the Duke PT 12. This is an innovation on the market that Marker fans have already enjoyed on the Squire model.

Finally, this binding has the Sole ID techno which makes it compatible with all types of ski boots, which is interesting when you just want to use it downhill.

If we compare the Duke PT 12 with the Salomon Shift 13, it offers the same level of performance and safety downhill, with a weight of 850 g against 865 g for the Shift 13, and a fairly close price with a slight advantage for the Solomon.

The Maker DUKE PT 16, has a weight of almost 1 kilo on the scale, but a DIN setting much more muscular than a Shift for riders who want to send very heavy.

In short, if the Duke PT 12 is very competitive in the category of fasteners with a DIN of 13 or less, the Duke PT 16 is alone in the world in its category, if not competed by the more expensive Cast Touring and heavier however.

DUKE PT 12: DIN 4-12, 850 g by fixing in ascent mode (1090 g in descent mode) at 649 CHF.

DUKE PT 16: DIN 6-16, 1000g per attachment in ascent mode (1280 g in descent mode) at 719 CHF.

Stoppers available in 105 or 125 mm wide.