Marker Duke PT 12 Binding 100mm 2021 - Black Red

This new Duke PT 12 binding from Marker is perfect for your next big mountain outings. Ideal for all backcountry fans, the freeride binding ensures you'll have more incredible moments while performing like never before.

  • Brake width: 100mm
  • DIN: 4 - 12
  • Weight: 1.7kg per pair without stop / 2.3kg with stop
  • Mounting height: 27mm
  • Rising wedges: 0° / 10°.
  • Size min-max sole: 265 - 365mm
  • Max skier weight : <120kg
  • Compatible with the soles of traditional alpine footwear, hiking boots and also Gripwalks
  • Anti Ice Rail: Anti-ice pads on the base of the front stop and the heel pad (if the stop-ski is not installed) to prevent ice formation in critical areas.
  • Lock & Walk Brake: Includes a neutral walk mode and a wedge with 10° position
  • Auto Quad Lock: The front stopper automatically locks at 4 different points when you put the bracket on.
  • Ride & Hike Toe: Offers the outstanding performance and release function of Royal Family bindings on downhill slopes combined with insert technology ensuring high performance on uphill slopes as well; DIN 6 - 16. Convertible Front Bumper: Save 300g per foot when climbing
  • Hollow Linkage Heel: The Hollow Linkage Heel has been designed to provide optimal support for all types of ski and touring soles. Its hollow shaft reduces weight and maximizes torsional rigidity. The very robust construction is particularly suitable for the most difficult conditions.
  • AFD Gliding Plate : All MARKER bindings are equipped with a mobile AFD (Anti Friction Device) which guarantees the highest precision release, almost unaffected by dirt, snow or ice ! An adjustment of the AFD according to the type of use ensures its perfect functionality whether it is for competitions, children's activities or ski touring.