Manta Viper 38 Bodyboard - Quartz Grey

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A Bodyboard with High Grade EPS Core and a fibreglass stringer, Full Deck Contour and a Double Swivel Coil Leash. The Viper is a Bodyboard which really stands out amongst other brands' generic EPS Bodyboards. The look and spec of a high end Bodyboard without

the heavy price tag, Manta's Viper is the ultimate EPS beginner to intermediate bodyboard. 

  • Features: EPS core /  1 x stringer / HDPE Slick / Channels / Nose Bulbs / Double Swivel Coil


Manta is the Original Australian Bodyboard Brand founded in1985 in Cro­ nulla. The Manta vision aimed to locally create and shape boards that al­ lowed riders to challenge any size and shape waves utilising the best de­ sign, materials and ideas. Now 35 years later that vision remains. No rules apply. Bodyboarding grew out of this in Australia. Cronulla was the perfect testing ground in the early formative years with its rich talent pool of willing riders and heavy waves - they were a dangerous comb ination. Always a bit wild, a bit out of control. Bodyboard innovation flourished through the years since with an array of the worlds' best riders coming through the Manta School. Our world has changed in almost every way imaginable and more since then except for the core Manta mission. We're still true to delivering surfing challenges with style based on the best technology in Bodyboarding - up to the toughest conditions, fun is mandatory. The Original is still based in Cronulla - check the 2020 Manta range. More change is guaranteed.