Line Wallisch Shorty Ski - 129cm 2019 Kids

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For all aspiring freestylers, future kings or queens of the Afterbang who want the same model as their idol, the Line Tom Wallisch Shorty is back this year with the same decor as the adult model, but with revised sidecuts for a slimmer ski!

The Line Tom Wallisch Shorty is a true park ski for kids. Easy to manage, it allows familiarisation with the discipline and equipment with a playful and progressive ski.It is designed on the same basis and with the same technologies as the adult model, but shorter and with a different distribution of flexibility. Its strong and light aspen core offers good stability. Its tip and tail rockers allow immediate control with a very playful side.

The Tom Wallisch Shorty, a high-performance ski, very progressive for the park but also versatile thanks to its size, allows it to be comfortable on the piste and any type of terrain encountered.

  • Rocker tip 1 mm and tail 1 mm
  • 30% thicker edges and base for durability.
  • The core is wrapped with a 4-way fibreglass layer. This construction makes the ski durable, lively and lighter.
  • 5 different curve radii for a more intuitive and versatile ski.
  • An identical Flex at the front and back of the bindings for same performance in switch and regular.