Leki Bold Lite S Ski Pole - Black/Leuchtrot/White

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This high-end Alpine pole is an all-rounder and so perfect for beginners. Whether you're carving or making sharp turns: the Bold Lite S has what you need. The quick connection of the strap to the pole thanks to the Trigger S system makes it secure and comfortable. The strap can be adjusted accordingly and releases upwards in the event of a fall. The Trigger S Slalom grips have four grooves and help you hold the pole effortlessly all day.

  • The Trigger S technology enables a fast and simple way to click in and out on your pole. It reduces the risk of injury and optimizes the power transmission.
  • Four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area offer maximum grip and superior comfort. The slalom grip is compatible with all trigger straps and gloves.
  • Perfectly cut and individually adjustable Strap. Easily click in and out of the pole with the Trigger Loop.
  • Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.
  • Ideal to hit the slopes. Tool-less basket replacement.
  • Steel tip for precise pole planting and optimal grip in nearly any terrain. Especially in icy conditions.