Lange LX 120 Mens Ski Boots - Dark Petrol

Designed for skiers of a very good level, this all-mountain boot will be particularly suitable for people with wide feet or those seeking comfort without compromising on performance.

Starting with its Dual Core shell composed of a soft plastic layer sandwiched between two hard plastic plates. This way, the LX 120 compresses and then expands to perfectly resituate the energy. The 120 flex provides a rigid boot for expert skiers to engage with more intensity.

The Easy Entry Insert technology makes it easier to get into the boot, while the Comfort Fit liner with its 102mm last is perfect for people who don't want compression or simply for those with a wider foot.

The Dual 3D Liner Pro is made of two foams and is 100% thermoformable to fit all feet. It is first molded to fit the shape of the shell, then molded to fit the foot, so there is no compromise between comfort and performance.

The Natural Ski Stance technology improves the natural position of the skier: more upright at the feet and with a more neutral external canting, the skier tires less and skis more naturally.

Finally, the Max Grip Alpine soles are compatible with the Gripwalk standard and can be replaced by Gripwalk soles (sold separately).

The LX 120 by Lange is primarily designed for experienced skiers looking for a comfortable boot without sacrificing performance.