FCS 6ft Freedom Essential Leash - Blue

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Every element of the leash has been re-designed for maximum performance and comfort to help you surf free.

High Tensile Over-Braided Nylon Cord
  • Thinner, lighter & stronger.
  • Limited over-stretch designed to return to original length.
  • Reduces tangling and drag.
Precision Engineered Cuff
  • Silicone Grip Print - Reduces slipping around ankle.
  • 3MM Neoprene Padding - Thin, light and comfortable.
  • Low Profile Moulded Velcro - Stronger & more reliable.

Lightweight Moulded Pull Tab
  • Ergonomic, quick release.
Composite Horn
  • Foam filled, light and shock absorbing.
  • Extended horn length to reduce tangling.