Exite - Creatures Premium 2 Pack (Knee Elbow) Skate Protection - Black

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Exite is an Aussie brand making really great quality Skateboard Pads including these set of pads for adults learning and shredding on skateparks or the streets. The Exite Killers Adult Combo Pad Pack Skateboard Knee Elbow Pads that includes Slip-on Knee pads and Slip-on Elbow Pads with the best price in the market (Aussie Local Price). These pads have a custom fit available in 3 sizes for our up and coming pro-skaters.

Made from high grade durable fabrics, EVA foam and poly-carbonate covered caps to provide complete protection.This model of Knee and elbow pull-over over your hand to your elbow or over your foot to your knee. Adjustable fitting with side impact protection.With an ergonomic slim fit with a slim pre-bended articulated design for unrestricting wearing comfort and superior fit for street park and longboarding.