Elan Wingman 82 Ti PS Skis with ELX 11 GW Bindings 2025 - Mens 166cm

The ELAN Wingman 82 TI Power Shift+ELX 11.0 Alpine Skis Grey are high-performance skis designed for experienced alpine skiers. These skis are specifically built to provide exceptional stability and precision, making them ideal for those who enjoy pushing their limits on the slopes.

With a waist width of 82mm, these skis offer the perfect balance between quick edge-to-edge transitions and stability at high speeds. They excel on groomed trails and hard-packed snow, delivering a smooth and responsive ride.

The Wingman 82 TI Power Shift+ELX 11.0 skis feature a Power Shift technology, allowing you to easily adjust the bindings position to enhance performance according to your skiing style and terrain preferences. This innovative feature ensures optimal power transfer, improved energy transmission, and better edge hold.

The ELAN Wingman 82 TI Power Shift+ELX 11.0 skis boast a lightweight construction that combines a responsive and powerful wood core with carbon and titanium inserts. This construction enhances stability, responsiveness, and edge grip while reducing vibration and allowing for easier maneuverability. The durable topsheet offers protection against scratches and wear, ensuring that these skis will last for many seasons.

These skis come with the ELX 11.0 bindings, which are integrated seamlessly into the ski design. The bindings provide excellent retention and release, ensuring your safety while skiing at higher speeds or challenging terrain.

The grey color scheme of these skis adds a sleek and stylish touch, making them stand out on the slopes. Overall, the ELAN Wingman 82 TI Power Shift+ELX 11.0 Alpine Skis Grey are a fantastic choice for advanced skiers seeking top-level performance, stability, and precision in their alpine skiing experience.