Elan Ripstick 88W Skis 2021 - Womens 154cm

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Redesigned for the 2021 season, the Ripstick line of skis now possesses the most technology of all the Elan skis, combining the Wingman’s carbon tubes for the greatest snappy feel and rebound along with reinforcement materials just being added to the inside edge which maximizes the weight to stability ratio. All of Elan's Ripstick series skis utilize Elan's proprietary Amphibio technology which provides its skier easier turn initiation and release because it has tip and tail rocker on the outside edge. Now how this differs from other non-Elan skis is that the inside edge is not rockered as much, therefore no power or edge grip lost sacrificed to the rocker. This is the most nimble of the lipsticks with 88mm underfoot, so it is a great choice for those skiers who like a healthy balance of groom runs and side-country terrain.


  • Tip Width (mm): 130
  • Waist Width (mm): 88
  • Tail (mm): 105
  • Turning Radius (m) 162cm: 14.2