Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard Mens 2022 - 154

The 2022 Burton Skeleton Key is the tool designed to unlock any kind of terrain. It floats in power without breaking a sweat, carves the groomers with pinpoint precision, and can even handle the park. Poppy directional camber keeps the power underfoot while keeping the nose above the surface, and the unique lightweight design rides well and turns heads. 

DIRECTIONAL CAMBER: The original, tried and true camber type, and the advocate of powerful turns and poppy precision. Traditional camber is the most aggressive camber type, offering unmatched power, response, and edge control. Directional Camber puts rocker in the nose of the board, adding extra float in powder while retaining the response and stability of traditional camber.

FLEX: 4.5/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

DIRECTIONAL FLEX: This board is constructed differently from nose to tail with a 10mm taper, putting more pop in the tail and strengthening the nose, allowing you to easily maintain control and charge through a variety of snow conditions.

FREERIDE DIRECTIONAL SHAPE: This board has a shape designed specifically for freeriding, featuring a longer, wider nose and a shorter, tapered tail which combine to give you effortless float in powder and better performance riding forwards.

SUPER FLY 700G: This core features stronger and lighter woods targeted in specific areas, which provides more pop and strength while reducing weight.

DUALZONE EGD: The wood grain of the core is positioned along the heel and toe edge in two unbroken zones perpendicular to the rest of the core, which gives consistent edge hold and strength.

TRIAX GLASS: This triaxial fibreglass creates a versatile flex and consistent response for performance across all types of snowboarding.

SQUEEZEBOX: Squeezebox consists of thicker, more powerful sections combined with thinner, more flexible sections profiled throughout the core. This enhances energy transfer and makes the board snappier and more stable.

SINTERED WFO BASE: Standing for Wide F!#@ing Open, this base made from an extra absorbent, high density sintered material that is infused with a specially formulated wax, resulting in an ultra durable base that rides Wide F!#@ing Open.

THE CHANNEL MOUNTING SYSTEM: The Burton Channel system forgoes your traditional 4-screw mounting system and introduces a channel for your front and rear inserts. This allows you to fine-tune your stance width, and gives you more freedom in your stance location. The Channel is compatible with most major binding brands, but works best with Burton EST bindings.

INFINITE RIDE: Burton is able to maximise pop and performance by overbuilding their boards in the factory, and then using machinery to break it down for you. This allows your board to ride the same from day one, to day 100, season after season.

PRO TIP: The tip and tail of this board taper out at the points, reducing swing weight and promoting mobility.

SUPER SAP EPOXY: Super Sap is a bio-based resin that reduces the carbon footprint by 50% over conventional petroleum-based epoxies.

FREERIDE BALANCED GEOMETRY: A setback camber and stance-centred sidecut makes this board feel like a twin when riding flat based, but still has the tight turns and effortless float you'd expect from a directional board.