Adrenaline Street Runner 200 Scooter - Black

Compared to standard micro scooters, the Adrenalin Street Runner 200 is a little bigger and a lot more robust. The huge 200mm wheels and extended wheel base can support children and adults up to approximately 110kg. This big wheel scooter will give your kids a smoother ride over any rough surfaces that they might encounter.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The smooth ride offered by this Adrenalin Scooter will give your kids hours of enjoyment. Land and Sea has strived to make these scooters among the best on the market – and it really does show. The handles can be extended and the spring lock mechanism will let you fold the scooter away quickly for when it needs to be stored in compact spaces.


  • Suitable for children and adults up to 110kg
  • 200mm five-spoke wheels with longer wheel base (80A PU hardness)
  • ABEC 7 chrome bearings for a super smooth ride
  • Deck space of approximately 42cm x 17.5cm (total length of scooter from wheel to wheel is 94cm)
  • Handles can be extended to a height of approximately 107cm (from base of wheel to top of handles)
  • Approx weight of scooter: 4.2kg
  • Pin and spring lock mechanism for rapid folding and unfolding
  • Model - Adrenalin Street Runner Scooter