Adrenaline Enduro Steamer Mens - Black

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The Adrenalin Enduro Tuff Butt 1mm Steamer is made for people looking for a wetsuit that is built to last and last. Features aside, the neoprene itself feels strong unlike some overly flexible and flimsy surf wetsuits on the market. Reinforcements on the backside and the knees add to this and add durability where wear and tear are typically worst. The 1mm thickness makes it perfect for staying comfortable in cool to warm waters, and for staying protected from stingers and the sun.


  • Flatlock Seams: Durable seams that will last and are comfortable because of the way the neoprene sits flat on the skin at the seams without folding
  • Back Zip Entry: This makes getting in and out of the wettie super easy making it ideal for those newer to wetsuits. However, the drawback is that sealing won't be as good as a chest zip, and a slight reduction in flexibility due to the zipper diving the neoprene on the back.
  • Hardass Panels: Reinforcements extend from the lower back to just above the knees to prevent wearing of the neoprene whilst seated on a board or just on the ground. Most wetties tend to wear down here, but not the tuff butt.
  • Reinforced Knees: Same deal as the bum panel, these reinforcements add durability where it's needed to prevent the neoprene from wearing down.