Salomon Shift MNC 13 Black Ski Binding 100mm

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These bindings are a hybrid of power alpine bindings and lightweight agile touring pin bindings. The Salomon Shift MNC alpine and touring bindings are groundbreaking and perfect for the avid explorer of the deep backcountry mountains.

Earlier when picking pin touring bindings you always lacked a bit of power when going downhill. And when picking an Alpine Touring bindings you lacked lightweight properties.

With the S/Lab Shift MNC, you get the freedom of a binding that will do whatever you want it to. Go for an on-piste performance with DIN-release or tour your own way to the untouched deep snow for off-piste sessions. With these bindings, you can click on your pintech or alpine ski boots.

MNC stands for Multi Norm Certified and is TÜV approved bindings system that fits every normed boot in the market - Touring boots, Pintech boots, and Walk-To-Ride boots.

The Shift MNC bindings are crampon compatible.

  • Self-retracting brakes
  • Hike and Ride Switch
  • Easy Step-in
  • 47mm of elastic travel
  • Climbing aids
  • Carbon-infused PA construction