Creatures Deluxe Coiled Wrist Leash - Black

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  • Surefire Leash Release: Injection Moulded Urethane Surefire Release Tag with moulded holes – Holes ALLOW water flow & reduce the weight of the cuff
  • DNA FLEX MOULD [patented technology]
  • The cord/mould connection that absorbs wave impact, stretching with the leash to resist breakage. Leash & mould stretch up to 5 x original length
  • Non-Slip Cuff: Using specifically designed neo-mesh material, that prevents the cuff from rotating on the ankle. Super comfortable with a lighter & thinner cuff construction.
  • Leash Lock: Advanced hook-&-weave design is softer, lighter & 50% stronger hold than traditional velcro.
  • Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel: An unbreakable, self-lubricating swivel that produces continuous friction-free motion, eliminating leash tangles.
  • 7Mm Urethane Cord: Heat Bonded Coiled Urethane Cord. Cord Thickness: 9/32" x 7mm. Lightweight Cuff Design. Cuff Width: 1.5" x 38mm.
  • 2 Year Warranty: CREATURE’S DNA leashes are so dependable & resistant to breakage that they come with a 2 year warranty