On July 11th, 2015 it all came down to the final moments of Stop One in Los Angeles. Luan Oliveira took home his first SLS Nike SB World Tour win, knocking Nyjah Huston out of the lead on the final trick, a switch frontside bigspin heelflip. Congratulations Luan!

Final Results:
1. Luan Oliveira – 34.2
2. Nyjah Huston – 34.0
3. Chaz Ortiz – 33.1
4. Cody McEntire – 31.1
5. Chris Cole – 30.3
6. Kelvin Hoefler – 29.0
7. Ryan Decenzo – 28.3
8. Evan Smith – 21.5

Brazil’s Luan Oliveira is a proven champion who has been steadily figuring out how to win Street League, and since 2012 he has moved up in the overall rankings two spots each year. From 6th to 4th in 2013, up to 2nd last year.

What this means is he is closer to his first Street League win than you might think. In 2013, he placed 3rd in the four final stops including the championship, behind only Nyjah Huston and Chris Cole.

In 2014, he had an average trick score of 8.0 and his highest scored trick was a 9.5. He won the 2015 Tampa Pro contest beating out Nyjah Huston and appears ready to unleash on the 2015 Nike SB World Tour.

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