Are you interested in getting a foam injection boot fit? If so, make sure you call to lock in a time to make a boot fitting appointment. We do check quite busy with fitting and locking in a time makes sure you get the attention you deserve. To save you some time here's a few of the most common questions answered by John Morgan who looks after the foam injection.


How long does it take?

We like to do it over 2 sittings however it can be finished in 1 if required. The first appointment is about 45minutes. The second sitting is about 1 hour. If we fit in 1 sitting total time will be about 2hrs 15 min. There is about  hour preparation time.



Whats the process? 

In the first appointment we measure and analyse the foot and lower leg shape. We then determine the appropriate shell and size that suits your specific needs. At this time we also mould the footbeds for the customer as these are needed for the next stage.



The second appointment is the actual foaming of the boot. We start by placing padding on areas of your feet that require a little less foam in (ankle bones, forefoot, instep, etc) - this creates a little bit of tolerance in these sensitive areas. Similarly we place toe caps over your toes to ensure you have plenty of room around them.



Next is the foaming itself. This is done in 2 stages for each leg. First we do the leg which takes a few minutes as we mix chemicals to create the foam and for it to work its way into the liner. We then do each tongue and foot in a similar fashion. That’s it. Boots come off, let your feet settle for a few minutes, then back on to experience a perfect fit.



Whats included in the price?

First and foremost is the fit and a guarantee from us. Physically you walk away with a the liner, the shell from a brand & model of boot that fiuts your specifics and the footbed.



What will i end up with?

The most precise yet comfortable ski boot you will ever have imagined. You will end up with a boot fit that is as compatible to your foot and lower leg shape as possible. Everything is a mirror image to your individual shape and volume. It will give you the best balance between comfort and support. Comfortable because it is shaped to you. Support because the fit is so precise it locks you in minimising movement.


If you need anything more dont hesitate to contact us or call us at the retail store to talk to you.