Burton Antler Flying V 2016 Review

The Burton Antler Flying V is a high performing, lightweight board that is made for people who don’t need a board as aggressive as the Custom X. Made to get a good ride, without being super unforgivable and aggressive.

Features of the Burton Antler Flying V

  • Flying V bend
  • Directional shape
  • Twin Flex
  • Dragonfly Core
  • Multizone EGD
  • Sintered WFO base
  • 60° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage
  • Squeezebox High
  • The Channel
  • Scoop
  • Pro-Tip
  • Dual Guard Rails
  • Infinite Ride
Burton Board Tech Video -          --------- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_FS3-8s7jU     -----------

Camber profile

The Flying V camber profile (or bend)

Basically the Flying V combines the reverse camber and regular camber. Between your feet there is a rocker section, then under your feet there is the regular camber, then out towards the tip and the tail there are rocker sections.

It is made so that you can get a loose and more forgiving ride, but the camber sections under your feet can be used to help give you grip and stability that you normally wouldn’t have on a reverse camber board.


The Antler is a Directional board, so it has a slightly longer nose than the tail. The bigger nose means that you will get a bit of extra float in deep snow, and more pop in the tail. Don’t worry for freestyle riding, you can ride a directional board switch with no problem.


It has a Twin Flex, that just means the the flex of the board (from tip to tail) is symmetrical, so if you are riding it switch, the flex is going to be exactly the same.


The Antler has the Dragonfly Core, which is reserved for the higher end Burton boards. It is made up of more than 500 different laminations, so you end up with a core that is lighter than most, strong and poppy.


The Burton Antler Flying V 2016 is an ultralight, high performing hybrid camber snowboard. It is made for riders who want a high performance board, without it being super aggressive and unforgiving. Think of it as a few steps less aggressive than the Custom X, but is still light, fast and jumps just as well. On top of that, it has the Squeezebox High which explained by the Burton website:


By integrating carbon fleece into the classic Squeezebox profile, we’ve loaded up our highest performance core profiling with more pop. Layered just outside your feet, the carbon enables almost instant response in the tip and tail.


The Sintered WFO base is hard and fast. It is durable, so it can take a beating, and is good at soaking up wax. As well as taking in a lot of wax and keeping you going fast, the base material is infused with high and low temperature waxes at the factory.


The angle of the fiberglass is at 60°, which give the board a more playful feel, which is a lot less aggressive than the 45° that is used on the Custom X.

It has The Channel, so the easiest option for bindings are going to be Burton EST, but you can pretty much put on any bindings on a Channel board now.


The Infinite Ride means that the board is broken in at the factory, so that the board is going to have the same ride that it does on the first day of riding to the last.



Should I buy the Burton Antler?


The Burton Antler is going to be a good board for someone who wants a light, fun board that they can ride anywhere. It isn’t super aggressive, but is still going to give you a lot of performance.