A bit of history here but STM's been trading since the mid 80's with the current owners - family run and family owned. We could say we've been around longer as the store was operating technically from the early 80's before it burnt down and the Morgans took over the burnt out shell in 1983. 



It began as St Moritz Ski Centre and was located on the Corner of Bronte Rd and Birrell St on the edge of Bondi Junction. It had a mural on the wall that is still discussed today as one of the most recognisable features of the Junction. 



The store began selling ski and sailboard gear. 2 passions of the ours and 2 popular trends at the time. We did this for a few years before expanding the store into streetwear and surf. That was until the early 90's when snowboarding came along and started demanding they need some product and weren't happy in the 'uncool' ski gear that was on the mountains. 



Seeing the ever growing demand for this sport we split the shop in 2 and set up a snowboard and skate store at 237 Oxford St in the heart of the Junction. This was one of the first true core stores in Sydney and was a favourite amongst the travelling snowboarders and bondi skateboarder.



Before the millenium came around the Bronte Rd building was sold and we had to look for a new premises which was found in Oxford St Mall - our current location. We combined the 2 stores and made a true mega store of what is now snow, skate, surf and fashion plus a snow rental department and snow repair centre. 



From there we lanuched online which are now obviously aware of and we've been trading strongly for more than 30 years. Selling the things we're passionate about and getting through every possible snow season imaginable, every up and down of the economy and still managing to step into one of our favourite sports. 



So in all this little blog is brief history about us and our origins. We could go on for hours but that would take up to much of your time.